Himalayan Brown Bear

Himalayan Brown Bear – Realism

Himalayan Brown Bear illustrated by Ravenari


A strong connection to yeti and ‘ancient man’ energies, man-bear, carrying bear energy inside of you, instead of around you, a connection to the supernatural, fear and worship, feeling isolated or alienated from others, carrying healing energy within you, being adept in energy work, staying grounded, realism, introspection, curiosity, strength.

General Description:

The Himalayan brown bear (also known as the Himalayan red bear) is an Endangered subspecies of the brown bear found in the Himalayan foothills and north Pakistan. It is commonly held to be the most likely animal behind the existence of the Yeti. Males are significantly larger than females, though both are very large omnivores, eating everything from grasses, small mammals, and livestock.

Himalayan brown bears hibernate in dens or caves. They are crepuscal in their habits, and quite cryptic in nature, being revered as supernatural beings by the Indigenous in the area, and being difficult to find because they are so rare and live in difficult to access habitats.