Icelandic Sheep

Icelandic Sheep – Spinning Hardship into Gold

Icelandic Sheep illustration by Ravenari

‘We have adapted to some of the harshest environments, and not only find enough nourishment to survive, but enough to thrive. We are so much more than what you think of, when you think of sheep, and sheep are always more than others know anyway. We are the leader who senses the unseen and the invisible, we are the flock that understands status, place, intelligence, and what to do with our lives. We know most couldn’t live the way we live, and turn it into gold. It’s a kind of alchemy isn’t it? For you to spin our wool into fibre and fabric and clothing. But we have a deeper alchemy. We are good allies to those who turn privation to nourishment, who seek to find glory in places others call barren. Let other animals only survive in their difficult places, you may come with us, and learn how to thrive instead.’


Finding wisdom where others flee. Understanding difficulty. Making do. Turning hardship into gold. Efficiency. Sensing the invisible and unseen. Curiosity. Hardiness. Connecting with the Other while seeking kin. Conforming / non-conforming. Safety first. Seeking the like-minded. Trust. Being easily underestimated. Endurance. Alchemy. Making the most of poor environments. Recognising leadership. Knowing where you stand.