Maned Wolf

Maned Wolf – Exceptional Insight

Maned Wolf illustrated by Ravenari


Unique and exceptional insights, laterally approaching problems, an ability to gain insight into any situation with the application of visualisation/meditation, overcoming obstacles that previously hindered you, knowing how to look after yourself, knowing your body better than others, the power of mantras and song, working with ancestors, secret-keeping, hiding what you consider vulnerable, natural energy shielding, an ability with the curative powers of fruits, vegetables and herbs.


The maned wolf is a South American canine with stilt-like legs. It is large, with a distinctive dark red coat and black legs. They are crepuscular, omnivorous, and live solitary lives – or live in monogamous pairs – in savannah, grassland, scrub prairies, forest, and Cerrado environments. They are more active on colder and cloudy days.

They have been known to get drunk on fermented fruits, and are crucial in dispersing seeds of fruit, particularly the wolf apple. Over three hundred different food items have been recorded in the maned wolf’s diet. They communicate by scent, particularly urine, and by roar-barking. They are flexible and adaptable and are able to live in disturbed or degraded environments. In some cultures, their bodies have been used for traditional medicine.