Marmoset – Family Wellbeing

Marmoset illustrated by Ravenari


A connection to chimerism, genetics, a form of energy support and guidance to all fraternal twins and triplets, needing to keep yourself stimulated, having a high activity level, being prone to ADD or ADHD, caring for your family, family welfare and wellbeing, energy exchanges, being able to suppress needs and desires on behalf of the people you care for, cheekiness.

General Description:

Marmosets are small, active, arboreal monkeys comprising approximately 25 species. They are squirrel-like monkeys, living in tree canopies found in varying types of forest. Their dentition enables them to chew through bark to eat the gums and saps beneath, though many species of marmoset will also eat insects, fruit, molluscs, bird eggs and small vertebrates.

Marmosets tend to live in highly varied social groups, and are not strictly monogamous or polygamous, with habits varying from group to group, show altruistic behaviour such as sharing food, and mutual grooming. Marmoset group territories tend to overlap. Most species give birth to fraternal twins or triplets.