Marsupial Golden Mole

Marsupial Mole – Faith

marsupial golden mole illustrated by Ravenari


Diving below the surface. Sand wisdom. Using your senses wisely. Believing what you feel and not what you see. The heart of the desert. Unusual situations. Confirmation of your beliefs. Let go of doubt, it is doing nothing for you. Faith.

General Description:

The marsupial mole of Australia is a burrowing marsupial found in the deserts of Australia. It is a beautiful golden colour, has vestigial eyes and no external ears. The marsupial mole’s nostrils are protected by a horny plate and its front paws have evolved two shoveling claws. Marsupial moles live underground and occasionally surface after rain. They consume insects such as ants and termites and seeds.

Due to often living in sandy environments their tunnels often collapse behind them, it often looks as though they locomote by swimming through the sand. They have evolved a backwards facing pouch so that it does not fill with sand. They are unique among marsupials, and not thought to be closely related to any other marsupials, it has been around for at least 50 million years. Marsupial moles are solitary. They make squealing noises if disturbed.

Lessons and Challenges:

The marsupial mole teaches us how to embrace faith. As one of the few mammals that has evolved in the direction of giving away sight, and one of the fewer that spends its life swimming through the sands blindly, in order to find nourishment, it teaches us that sometimes faith is more important than what we can see and validate.

Marsupial mole teaches us very literally about how not knowing the future, and having faith that all will turn out okay, is sometimes the best path we can take in our lives.

Marsupial mole says ‘let go of doubt, it’s doing nothing for you.’ Some animals teach the skill of skepticism and doubt, but marsupial mole gives the gift of the other side. Too much doubt dilutes our enjoyment of things that we cannot prove or see; things like love, spiritual experiences, even knowing how the future will turn out.

When marsupial mole is around, it is important to believe in what you feel, and not in what you can see. Trust your instincts. It may be that you observe someone who seems trustworthy, but your instincts tell you that you can’t trust them. Likewise, it may be that opportunities may be better found not so much through looking at the surface of things, but going deeper and trusting what your heart wants, instead of what your head says is the right thing to do.

Marsupial mole gave away one sense, so that it may use others more wisely. The gift marsupial mole teaches, is how to use our own senses wisely. How honed are your senses? It is important to dive below the surface of whatever circumstances are bothering you.

Try and get a sense of what is going on beneath whatever you can see. Are you able to trust in your own sight, smell, touch or taste, over the opinions or judgements of others? Do you trust your own insights or instincts? It is important to know how to listen and understand the information your senses give to you, so that you may turn a mismatch of knowledge into wisdom and nourishment.

When marsupial mole energy is around, be prepared for unusual situations. They may be happenings that are unexplainable by science, or moments of synchronicity that seem to only make sense when interpreted in context of ideas like ‘fate.’

Marsupial mole energy can help you to find, understand, or confirm your beliefs. It may be understanding why you believe the things you do (flawed or not), or alternatively, it may be confirmation of a spiritual path that you have been curious about, or that would suit where you’re at in life.

Like bandicoot, marsupial mole teaches the wisdom and magic to be found in sand. It is the stuff that makes mountains, yet it is also the stuff that covers a great deal of our planet in desert. Consider including desert imagery in any visualisations you do, especially journeys that may focus on walking to the heart of the desert, however you may interpret that phrase.

The Shadow Aspects:

Being a skeptic serves many purposes in our life, it enables us to scrutinise situations, enable us to better understand our beliefs and stop the wool from being pulled over our eyes. However, marsupial mole comes into our life and tell us to stop questioning everything, or specific parts of our life, as strongly. Sometimes we just must let things ‘be’ for a little while, and abandon that questioning and analytical side of ourselves. Questioning too much of what you or others believe at this time in your life can be harmful to yourself or others.

Marsupial mole as a shadow energy suggests that we are ignoring obvious ‘signs’ that a higher power is with us. We might be ignoring it because we can’t ‘see’ a proof of god, or faith, or higher power, or we might be ignoring it because events in our lives have led us to feel disillusioned and disbelieving. Marsupial mole encourages us to actively seek out the greater spirit in our lives and to not become complacent or accepting of the idea that we have been abandoned.


Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. Marsupial mole is an uncommon, but ultimately trusting animal guide. It tends to be quite cryptic, in that it isn’t an especially ‘vocal’ guide, and like some of the quieter guides it often educates through its actions rather than what it says. For example, seeing a marsupial mole swimming through the sand in a dream or visualisation indicates that it’s time to let go of sight and trust in your instincts, just as the mole does.

As a desert animal, it is easiest to encounter them in otherworld desert places. In visualisation, deserts with red / terracotta coloured sands can help to boost your connection with this fascinating creature. Marsupial mole wasn’t particularly fussy when it came to offerings when I encountered it, but you may find it different for you. As far as animals go, this one has what I feel to be a gentle and humble energy; when treated with respect, it is excellent for beginners.