Narwhal – Deep and Meaningful

Illustration of three Narwhals by Ravenari


Nourishing others, unicorn symbolism and wisdom, being able to understand the depths of an issue, understanding more deeply than others, an affinity with themes of cold and coldness, the body as a weapon, diving below the surface, ‘deep and meaningfuls’, resisting captivity, poking holes in the theories of others, a desperation for freedom.

General Description:

The narwhal is a toothed whale that lives in the Arctic. It’s single long ‘horn’ or tusk (which is actually a protruding tooth) is perhaps one of the most popular examples of a ‘unicorn horn’ in existence. The tusks are used primarily to determine hierarchy and rank; and can be up to three metres long. Some narwhals are double-tusked, and every now and then the females will grow one as well. They do a lot of deep-sea diving. They are hunted for meat and ivory. They have never done well in captivity, and always end up dying within a few months or a year.