Ocelot – The Dark and Light Places

Ocelot illustrated by Ravenari


Seeing wisdom in both the light and the dark places, resenting those who take what you feel is yours, fighting fiercely for what belongs to you, following your instincts, the magic and energy in scents, a connection to tree and water wisdom, meditation and introspection, liminality, taking your time to develop and learn, sometimes being cold-hearted or aloof, occupying different mental places at once.

General Description:

Ocelots are small wild feline carnivores with a beautifully patterned coat that has resulted in a lot of human predation / hunting. They are found in Mexico, as well as Central and South America (with a few small populations in other locales). They are nocturnal, and hunt prey much smaller than they are in size, which they find through scent trails and excellent day and night vision. Ocelot are fiercely territorial, and will sometimes fight to the death in order to protect their territory. Ocelot are comfortable in trees, and also in the water, being adept swimmers. Kittens are the slowest growing among all the cats, and ocelots have the lowest resting temperature of any cat.