Pallas’s Cat

Pallas’s Cat – Exposing Weakness

Pallas Cat illustrated by Ravenari

Keywords/Guide Meanings:

Respecting your ancestry, illness and wellness, chronic conditions, exposing uncomfortable weaknesses in who you are, embracing silence, going after what you want, holding onto mystery – for others and for yourself,

General Description:

The Pallas Cat is a small feline found in Central Asia (primarily Iran, China and Mongolia), living primarily in sandy areas such as steppes, open terrain, mountainsides and deserts. They have round pupils; unusual for a cat, and have wide-spaced ears and broad heads that give them an owlish appearance. They are active at night and mostly predate upon pika and other rodents, as well as hares and birds. The Pallas cat doesn’t do well in captivity, as it breeds okay, but has a weakened immune system from living in isolated environments, and kittens tend to die from infection. It is not usually a vocal cat, but will sometimes bark like a small dog.