Quokka – Missing Parts of the Puzzle

Quokka illustration by Ravenari


Patron for nutritional issues and deficiencies, missing pieces and parts of the puzzle, searching for vital information, learning how to find nourishment where others cannot, unusual jobs and career choices, eating a nutritionally poor diet, being able to survive situations others cannot, being frequently misunderstood and sometimes mistreated by others.


The quokka is a small marsupial that’s known for its presence on Rottnest Island. When the island was visited by settlers, the quokka was mistaken for rats, and so the island was mistakenly named ‘Rat’s Nest’ island, where Rottnest derives. They are also found in small pockets on the lower South-West of Western Australia, as well as nearby islands free of feral cats and foxes.

Quokkas are adaptable marsupials and can survive without fresh water, provided there are appropriate plants nearby. They are capable of climbing trees short distances, and nest under dense shrubs. Quokkas are affected by anemia and high mortality due to low nutrient diets, as well as other mineral deficiencies that affect breeding cycles. The quokka has little to no natural fear of humans, and will sometimes approach them. Tourists at Rottnest are strongly discouraged from feeding them, and infringement fines can occur.