Red Kangaroo

Red Kangaroo – Desert Warrior

Red Kangaroo illustrated by Ravenari


Desert Warrior. Responsibility. Desert Wisdom. Endurance. Movement. Avoidance of Excess. Swiftness. Instinctive Movement. Pride. Family and Hierarchy. Tight Focus. Assessing Obstacles Instinctively. Postponing Childbirth. The Multi-Tasking Mother.

General Description:

The red kangaroo is Australia’s largest marsupial. Like all kangaroos, it has extremely powerful and large hind-legs which it uses to locomote through bounding leaps. The red kangaroo is found throughout arid and semi-arid parts of Australia. They are social, and congregate in ‘mobs.’ Males compete for groups of females, and defend them against other males through body language and fighting or ‘boxing.’ Females can produce 3 young every two years. The female possesses the ability to ‘suspend’ giving birth to a fetus, and can keep it in a state of suspended animation until drought or times of low nutrition pass.


Please remember that if this animal is contacting you, it will often be the best resource for teaching you what its lessons are. What I write is only intended to be a guide, it is not absolute, nor is it infallible.

– The red kangaroo comes into your life as the desert warrior, bringing in very strong warrior energy for both genders. This warrior energy is sometimes considered exclusively masculine, but everyone needs strength, leadership and decisiveness in their lives and red kangaroo demonstrates this. He comes into your life to tell you that even though situations look grim, or support may be sparse, you possess all the qualities to be a warrior and fight for what is necessary in order to nourish you.

– Red kangaroo brings issues of movement into our lives. Generally, he tells us that we are not being swift enough, and that we should stop thinking about where we’re going, and start moving instinctively.

– Red kangaroo tells us that we must take responsibility for our actions. Only in doing so are we able to take pride in them, and recognise not only our mistakes, but also our successes.

– Red kangaroo teaches us desert wisdom, and suggests that at this time, you might need to avoid excess (food, lifestyle etc.) and make your lifestyle more ‘sparse.’ Make your environment, even if only temporarily, reflect the desert – if it doesn’t already – and this will become a strength and source of peace.

– Red kangaroo comes into your life to lend you the energy of endurance, and support you through a tough time. He helps you ‘fight it out,’ and will stay for as long as he is needed.

– All kangaroos teach us about family and hierarchy. It is important to recognise that our role in family is important, and where we sit on the hierarchy is crucial. If we are battling too strongly against it, or resist ‘fitting in’, kangaroo comes along to tell you that you are a part of your family – whether they are blood or not – and that you must accept your place in the hierarchy, no matter what it is.

– All kangaroos come into our life and tell us how to assess obstacles instinctively. Instead of staring at our problems and never dealing with them, kangaroo gives us the power to notice them and then immediately clear them with a big bounding leap of thought, realisation, or literal movement. It is time for you to give away thought, it is not benefiting you at this time.

– Kangaroos have many offspring on the go at once, and are fertile almost all year round, they often lend support to the multi-tasking mother, and the parents who are ‘juggling’ life and children, give us the energy and know-how when it comes to successfully multi-tasking.

– Kangaroo comes into your life to suggest that if you are considering having children, or wanting to bring a big project into your life, it is time to postpone childbirth and other forms of ‘birth.’ Your project or attempts are not working because now is not the time to bring something new into this world.

If you have Red Kangaroo as your guide:

People with this animal as a guide will often manifest traits similar to the animal itself. I work on the philosophy that we only have one guide, and it teaches us lessons as well as representing the core aspects of our personality. Therefore –

– Red kangaroo people are strong leaders, though they may have struggled to recognise their innate ability at successful leadership, or they may have struggled with problems of ego related to this. Their medicine is that of knowing where to go, when, and why, without over-thinking the situation. They perform well under pressure, and do well in jobs of high responsibility.

– People with red kangaroo energy are warriors, and will fight for any cause that they feel is significant to them or others. They can sometimes be obnoxious, abrupt, and even physically violent, and are not always the most articulate of people – but they tend to make their point, and it’s always easy to understand what they’re trying to say. They teach us that it isn’t wrong to stand up for what we believe in.

There will be other ways your guide manifests, and you will recognise them with awareness and communion.

As shadow guide/guide:

The shadow guide is the animal we often fear irrationally, that teaches us things about ourselves that are profound and difficult to confront. Often the traits we fear most within the shadow guide, are the traits that we dislike in ourselves. We must scrutinise why this is, and learn how to work with them.

– Those who fear red kangaroo often fear risk-taking, especially if they are placed in situations where they have to make ‘quick decisions’ and feel sick at the idea that they don’t get due time to ‘mull it over.’ Red kangaroo confronts this fear, and forces people to realise that thinking about things for too long is its own risk, and that lost opportunities can arise.

– People who fear or dislike red kangaroo tend to waste their time dreaming of all the things they could have to make their life richer, and tend to completely forget that often things in their life are perfectly adequate to provide things like joy, contentment, happiness and pride. Red kangaroo helps these people to recognise that these thoughts are not only unhelpful, they waste years of our life while we always look to the future and neglect our present.

Contacting Red Kangaroo:

Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. Red kangaroo is a little less easy to contact than some of the other kangaroos, but will still be forthcoming if your need is clear and you approach his energy with respect and self-confidence. Offerings like water, herbage, and desert sands can add strength to the ritual, and scents like sandalwood and eucalyptus can be appropriate. Red kangaroo prefers simple rituals that are conducted with respect and a lot of skill. It is better to do a short ritual very skillfully, than a long ritual and make a lot of mistakes!