Rufous Hare Wallaby (Mala)

Rufous Hare Wallaby – Dependence on the Old Stories

Rufous Hare Wallaby illustrated by Ravenari


Dependence on the old stories, needing ancestry, heritage and a cosmology, belief systems, fire energy, uprooting in order to survive, great cultural loss, a connection to hare energy, introversion and quietude, warrior energy, tight focus, assessing obstacles instinctively.

General Description:

The rufous hare wallaby (or mala) is a very small, Vulnerable wallaby endemic to Australia; though now it is only found on two offshore islands. They are rufous in colour, which pales towards the belly, which has longer fur than on the back. As herbivores, they eat grass, seeds, shrubs and herbaceous plants. The rufous hare wallaby is able to live in different types of desert and grassland, as well as bushland; though its preference is specifically Spinifex grassland.

They are solitary, nocturnal and shy by nature, they use a short burrow to rest in, or to retreat into. The disappearance of many Indigenous Aboriginal groups who interacted with the rufous hare wallaby, and their firestick burning habits from the regions of the Tanami Desert that the rufous hare wallaby previously occupied is thought to be directly correlated with the wallaby’s disappearance from the mainland.

* The name Mala comes from the Anangu peoples of Australia.