Shrew Mole

Shrew Mole – Great Wisdom in the Dark


Understanding the outer and inner darknesses, shadow-worlds, seeing great wisdom in the dark, the underworlds and middleworlds, not being as dark or melancholy as you first appear, sleeplessness and insomnia, needing to ‘mole’ about something (taking time to find answers), psychic and magical ability, psychometry, true and false, sometimes finding it difficult to see the light side of something, hunting for treasure.

General Description:

The shrew-mole (Neurotrichus gibbsi), also known as the American shrew-mole, is found in North America and south-west Canada; there are three recognised subspecies. Unlike other moles, the shrew-mole tends to be quite active above ground, as well as below, and is even able to climb shrubs when necessary, they are also adept swimmers.

They find a lot of their nourishment in leaf little and mulch, and for this reason prefer forested, damp environments. Another evidence of its above ground habits are its small, shrew-like paws, which are not outward facing as with many other moles, for this reason they need easy to dig soils which are less hard on their paws.

They only sleep for one to eight minutes at a time, and are active at all times of day. They are gregarious and will sometimes travel in groups. It is America’s smallest mole, and to this day, little research has been done on it when compared to other moles.