Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard – Snow and Mountain Wisdom

Slow Leopard illustrated by Ravenari


Cautiousness, snow and mountain wisdom, looking down on others, a sense of superiority to others, beware of elitism and judging others silently, reclusiveness, wariness, the power of holding your tongue, being able to reach great heights of personal achievement over your lifetime, constantly searching for inner and outer balance.

General Description:

The snow leopard is a solitary, cautious wild feline found in the upper elevations of mountain regions of Central Asia. They are an Endangered species, threatened by hunting for their fur, and a restricted habitat. Snow leopards have dense fur, stocky bodies, and a very long, fluffy tail designed to assist them in their cold habitats.

They are known for their wary, cryptic natures, their cautiousness and invisibility; due to their excellent camouflage. The snow leopard cannot roar. Snow leopards are crepuscular and territorial, but not aggressively so, and will mark their territory, but not fight over it. Snow leopards are carnivores and take a great variety of prey, tending to ambush it from above.