Sugar Glider

Sugar Glider – Bonding

Sugar Glider illustrated by Ravenari


Soaring through life, tree wisdom, forest wisdom, trees can nourish you, impatience with dependents or overly dependent people, physical affection with those close to you, hostility towards those who don’t ‘belong,’ problems with accepting new people, comfort, letting friends and close people in, being helped and helping others, bonding, tree magic, know your destination, the power of being ‘cute.’

General Description:

The sugar glider is a small marsupial gliding possum found in Eastern/Northern Australia, New Guinea and the Bismarck Archipelago. They are found in habitats with good food supply, predominantly eucalyptus forests. They have a prehensile tail, and flaps of skin (patagium) or membrane between their fifth finger and first toe which enables them to glide distances of 50-150 metres. This, and their ability to climb efficiently, makes them excellent arboreal specialists.

They are nocturnal, hunting for vertebrates, insects, gum, nectar and sap at night, and sleep in nests or tree hollows during the day. They prefer to live in groups of around eight adults as well as young, in order to protect the nest and conserve body heat during cold weather during which they can enter into torpor. Dominant males mark their territory and members of a nest with saliva and scent glands on the forehead and chest; if a member is not marked, they can be violently expelled. They are not endangered in Australia, and are considered popular pets outside of Australia, where they can be difficult to keep adequately fed and stimulated.