Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian DevilBrutal Honesty

Tasmanian Devil illustrated by Ravenari


Inability to forgive. Illness. Anger as therapy. Loudness. Catharsis. Communicable disease. Telling others what you think of them. Standing up for yourself. Tactlessness. Brutal honesty. The scar bearer. Fighting disease. Primal scream therapy. The wisdom of aggression.

General Description:

The Tasmanian devil is a carnivorous marsupial the size of a small dog, it is the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world. When taking into account their body size in proportion to bite strength, it has the strongest bite of any living mammal. It is stout and muscular, with large jaws capable of crunching through bone. They are scavengers and hunters, and usually solitary.

Tasmanian devils can let out ear-curdling screams, shrieks and frightening growls. When excited devils let out an odour so strong that it rivals that of the skunk. They squabble with each other frequently. Young Tasmanian devils are extremely playful and boisterous. Currently, devil facial tumour disease has reduced the Tasmanian devil populations and threatens their chance of survival. The facial tumours are contracted through contact with one another, which is fairly easy considering how easily and willingly devils squabble with one another. Internationally the Tasmanian devil is best known for inspiring the ‘Tazzie devil’ of Looney Tunes cartoons.

Lessons and Challenges:

Tasmanian devil can have a brash and abrupt energy, it hurls into a person’s life, rearranges it unceremoniously, and dumps the person in a bit of a mess at the end. But wow, what a potential for growth! If of course, you’re able to handle Tasmanian devil’s loudness and brutal honesty.

Tasmanian devil teaches that sometimes it’s not just necessary to be tactful, but bluntly honest in order to get what you want. There’s an element of tactlessness around you, if Tasmanian devil has swept into your life, or is a regular guide. Some people just don’t appreciate tact, and your current situation will begin to (if it hasn’t already) cause you illness because you are not communicating clearly enough with others.

The message here is to use your anger, get it out of your body where it is causing illness and direct it to where it belongs. This might be at people who have wronged you, it might be towards a situation or circumstance that you can’t change. Express your anger, let it out of your system in ways that you feel are safe, because Tasmanian devil does express a need for learning how to use anger in a therapeutic setting.

One of the ways that Tasmanian devil suggests you can use to specifically target your anger, is by looking at scream therapy, or primal screaming. The act of vocalising how you feel in a way that is undeniable and strong, but also not physically damaging to the people around you.

You may be frustrated by your inability to forgive another, or a situation you’re in. Tasmanian devil teaches us that sometimes it’s okay to just take time with the concept of forgiveness, or to even just drop it while you still learn the wisdom of aggression and rage. Acknowledging an inability to forgive within yourself can often be a successful way of also acknowledging any emotions that come up with this.

Be wary of illness at this time, you may be fighting off disease already, or in a position where you’re more likely to catch communicable diseases (like colds, viruses and even STDs).

Tell others what you think of them. Don’t hold it in, or worse, talk about them behind their backs! Use honesty as a way of standing up for yourself. If you think someone is a bully, tell them. If you feel that you are being mistreated, say so. If you want people to treat you differently, how are they going to know unless you are honest about where you stand?

There is a strong element of emotional catharsis with Tasmanian devil. You may be more prone to tears or outbursts of anger. You may be feeling things more ‘acutely,’ and chances are you will benefit from this also.

Finally, Tasmanian devil is the scar bearer. In real life, it is unheard of to find a mature or adult devil that doesn’t have scars over its body from its interactions with others. You have probably earnt a few too – both on the outside, and on the inside. Tasmanian devil teaches a person to embrace their status as a scar bearer, as someone who has been through at least some strife in their lives, and survived it.

The Shadow Aspects:

Tasmanian devil’s shadow energy demands that you stand up for yourself, and speak the truth, no matter how brutal or harsh you may think it is. Not being honest with yourself or with others creates energy blockages in your own spirit, which in turn creates illness. Tasmanian devil as a messenger brings illness and outrage – you are not speaking the truth on something, and you need to be honest with yourself and others now!

Tasmanian devil challenges us to see the wisdom in anger and aggression. It’s difficult to accept that – in today’s more repressed day and age – that aggression or anger has its rightful place as a positive, healthy emotion, but Tasmanian devil demands this acceptance. Tasmanian devil is a forceful shadow energy, and demands honesty, strength and rightful anger.


Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. Tasmanian devil has a forthright and sometimes even vicious energy. As a spirit in the otherworlds s/he is bold, tactile, interactive (i.e. not afraid to wrestle with you) and only shy when it doesn’t have a direct message to impart.

Tasmanian devil appreciates offerings of meat and bone. Taking the time to siphon off excess emotional energy by screaming into a pillow, or taking the time to cry, also nourishes Tasmanian devil energy. Tasmanian devil doesn’t require much by the way of courtesy or manners (preferring bluntness) and has little concept of ‘etiquette’ in the otherworlds. In visualisations, Tasmanian devil can be a guide to call upon during times of acute stress or illness, in order to find a way of venting excess negative or unhelpful energy.