Three-Toed Sloth

Three-Toed Sloth – Slowly Now

Three Toed Sloth illustrated by Ravenari


Slowly now, sloth, hang in there, hanging around, beware of malingering or overstaying your welcome, water wisdom, tree wisdom, knowing how to reserve and respect your body’s energy, clawing your way to the top, slowly but surely, doing everything with measure, escapism and fantasy, a connection to reptile wisdom (dreaming, psychic ability and the otherworlds).

General Description:

The three-toed sloths differ from the two-toed sloths, and there are four living species today. Three-toed sloth are found in forests throughout Africa, and share their habits with two-toed sloths. They are arboreal, with many adaptations in their body allowing them to hang with no muscular expenditure of energy. They are unusually good swimmers, and will hide underwater to avoid predators. Their hair has a greenish tinge due to algae. Three-toed sloths must live in humid and warm environments because – unlike other mammals – they are unable to regulate their own body temperature.