Thylacoleo (Marsupial Lion)

Thylacoleo – Extreme Specialisation

Thylacoleo illustrated by Ravenari


Workmanship, ferocity, getting what you want in a straightforward manner, being unafraid to attack others to get what you need, extreme specialisation, finding it difficult to be appreciated by others, fighting for recognition, having the ability to crush others with your words, forgotten power and strength.

General Description:

The Thylacoleo is an extinct, marsupial carnivore; often referred to as a ‘marsupial lion.’ They are megafauna of Australia, and at the time were the largest predator. Interestingly they possessed opposable thumbs and had retractable claws (unheard of in marsupials). They also had the strongest bite power of any mammal – alive or extinct. Stephen Wroe, specialist in marsupial evolution in Australia, has posited that the Thylacoleo is the most specialised carnivorous mammal of all time.