White Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer – Trust in Nature

White Tailed Deer illustrated by Ravenari

Keywords/Guide Meanings:

Being desired and/or head-hunted by others, land wisdom, competition, belonging, keen observation, subtleties in nature, being stuck in a rut, running away from what bothers you, comparing yourself to others, surrender to the spirit, trust in nature.

General Description:

The whitetail deer is a medium-sized deer found throughout North America, Central America and Southern Canada. They are found in many different habitats, but prefer areas that have thickets in which to hide, and flat areas for feeding. While some subspecies are extinct, overall the whitetail deer has a robust population. Males grow antlers, which are re-grown every year. And rarely, females may grow antlers also.

Breeding season occurs usually in Autumn, with sexual maturity often being determined by population. Males will lose condition during breeding season, as they compete with one another for the chance to rut with females, and forego food and rest during this process. They have a diverse way of communicating with one another, not least being their white tail, which can be raised as a signal.