Ravenari’s Art

*** Currently closed for commissions ***

All of the artwork on Wildspeak is illustrated by me, Pia Ravenari. I have been illustrating animal teachers in a way designed to help people better connect to their energies for well over 20 years.

I mainly use traditional art, particularly ink and coloured pencils. I enter a trance state to connect with the animal energy, and then sense out the pose and begin to ink down that energy while I remain in the light trance state.

I will let the animal teacher choose the symbolic colours in the energy wheels, the backgrounds, etc., and each animal sometimes sees that symbolism very differently (a predator might feel red to be about hunting or blood, a prey animal might also feel red to be about blood, but also survival).

You can purchase my original artwork here at Etsy:

Ravenari’s art @ Ravensdreaming

And you can see all of my artwork, and purchase prints, mugs and more if you choose over here at DeviantArt

Ravenari @ DeviantArt

I also have a select number of items up at RedBubble, including journals and stickers.

Ravenari @Redbubble

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