Black Striped Burrowing Snake

Black Striped Burrowing SnakeHumility

Black Striped Burrowing Snake illustrated by Ravenari

* Also known as Vermicella calonotus

‘So it’s true, I have been described as one of the most attractive snakes in the whole of Australia, but I think most haven’t heard of me, and I like it that way. I gleam bright to warn others to stay back, because I don’t like to live a harsh life. The dark is quiet and good, but even better are the refuges beneath rocks and tree-stumps, in the sandy soil. I like nothing more than to be cosied up in the belly of the desert, my own belly full and my eggs growing strong. I’ll bite if you keep pushing at me, but in truth I just wish to live my own truth in my own way. This land around me, Banksias and soil and tasty worm lizards, it keeps me bright and beautiful and connected to night secrets. I’m surprised when anyone wants to slither with me for a time, but if you’re quiet and respectful, I’ll take you into the earth and show you what it is to be a nocturnal snake that enjoys the damp soils after rain. We can listen to the Banksia leaves whisper to each other, and learn the deeper secrets of a bushland as oft overlooked as I am.’


Maintaining attraction for the self. Not what people expected. Micro and macrocosm. Connection to Banksia woodlands. Sand wisdom. Circles and spirals. Humility. Art informed by truth. Creativity. Intimacy with the night and dark places. Affinity for caves and subterranean environments. Preferring gentleness over harshness. Appearance as boundary. Rain and night magic.