CrocodilePrehistoric Wisdom

* This article focuses on crocodiles in Australia, but many of the lessons in this apply to crocodiles all over the world.

Crocodile illustrated by Ravenari


Power. Struggle. The ancient. Primal energy. Tenacity. Prehistoric wisdom. Contradiction. Survival. Patience. Balancing the Underworld and Upperworld. Rebirth. Cunning. Stealth. Plutonian energy. Timing. Tenderness.

General Description:

The crocodile is a large lizard-like reptile. They have partially webbed feet and a long, muscular tail used as a rudder underwater, and a weapon to stun and disable prey. They eat fish, reptiles, birds and mammals. Their stomachs are the most acidic internal environment of any vertebrate. The female crocodile makes a nest in which to lay her eggs, and exhibits rudimentary care and tenderness for her young and a strong protectiveness of the nest itself.

Crocodiles are territorial, and mark territory with head-slaps upon water and snapping their jaws. Dominant crocodiles have better access to mates, nesting sites, basking sites and living space. Crocodiles will put aside territoriality during times of climatic drought, in order to increase the survival of all. Crocodiles rarely combat, but when they do, they will line up and brutally bang their heads together and bite. These fights are rarely fatal. They communicate through posture, motion, odour, touch and sound.

Lessons and Challenges:

Crocodile teaches us that it is possible to live a fulfilling, enriched life despite constantly attempting to balance inner and outer contradictions. Crocodile both lives in cold environments underwater, and prefers to eat underwater; yet replenishes its energy in sunlight. Crocodile uses its mouth for brutality, yet its jaws cradle also cradle its young with tenderness. This is a guide that can be very helpful for understanding dualism and the need to reconcile opposites without destroying them.

Crocodile teaches that all life is a struggle of survival. Be tenacious when times are hard, crocodile energy helps us survive and until times when we can thrive.

Crocodile can teach us many lessons, one is to value our strength, and consider building upon our resources of personal power. This is through learning self-defense, or learning protection methods; or even simply building muscle through increased exercise.

Crocodile is an animal of patience and timing. If a crocodile attempts to lunge for its prey early or late, it will lose its chance to nourish itself. Likewise crocodile can teach us that if we attempt to reap early, or procrastinate, we can lose opportunities to nourish our bodies and our spirits. Crocodile teaches us how to be aware of this timing. As an ectothermic reptile, crocodile needs good respect of the internal timing of its body. It knows to warm up in the mornings and afternoons, and to cool down in the heat of the day. Do you know how to respect your body’s patterns? Do you honestly know when the best time is for you to sleep and to wake and to eat? Crocodile asks you to review these aspect of our lives.

Part of timing is stealth and cunning. We can use our stealth and cunning to appear passive while waiting for the opportunity to strike in our lives for reward; whether it be a promotion, a change in our own way of thinking or some other form of nourishment. This allows us to conserve energy, relax, and maintain awareness while looking after ourselves.

Crocodile teaches us how to balance the energies of the upperworld and the underworld. They are protected by the sun, but also nourished in the murky waters where they are hidden and commune in ways often unknown to scientists and enthusiasts. They thrive in the shadow and revive in the sun. Their ability to revive on a daily basis is also a symbol of rebirth, particularly the day to day rebirths we go through as we learn and grow.

The crocodile is connected to underworld gods, and can be considered a good way to connect with Plutonian energies; though if crocodile is already in your life, you are already very likely connecting with these energies. Darker energies, underworld gods and shadow aspects of the self may have surfaced due to an astrological cycle, or due to tumult in your life, or a signal to move into shadow spiritually in order to understand the darker aspects of your soul.

Crocodile shares with us the wisdom of tenderness when nurturing our projects and offspring, yet still maintaining our self-discipline, power and balance. Crocodile encourages tenderness in those who lack compassion and empathy towards others.

The Shadow Aspects:

If you fear crocodile, you may find it very difficult to accept your great personal power, and your ability to be cunning enough to know when to strike for opportunity, growth and advancement within your life. Crocodile is a creature that also threatens our sense of safety and mortality; it does kill people, and deaths are still reported from time to time. Fearing crocodile can bring into relief our own fear of death and demise. Through crocodile, we can come to understand our place within nature, our fragility, and our fears; without being controlled by them.

If you have a problem with crocodile energy, you probably fear your darker side, or more rarely, the side of yourself connected to the upperworld and the sun. You might not wish to reconcile your opposites and live in denial. You may find it distasteful to be compassionate, or on the flipside, you may find it too ‘heartless’ to use cunning or stealth for advancement. Crocodile confronts an inability to reconcile dualistic aspects of yourself, and helps you to learn how to find a greater sense of inner balance.


Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. Crocodile energy is contacted through many methods, not least being meditation and visualisation techniques in order to locate guides and guides. Crocodile will respond to drumming and other percussive techniques; however I’ve found through my own experience, and heard from others, that for some reason this seems to bring up a more aggressive crocodile energy than more passive forms of visualisation and journeying.

This creature responds to posture, and if you lay yourself down, belly towards the ground and visualise yourself as a crocodile you may have success using this method. Crocodile can talk in riddles, or not in any language at all. He is often observed in the periphery of dreams and meditations, and doesn’t often teach directly. This guide is less common than others, despite the immense energy and presence of the creature.