Article masterlist

These articles have been written over the past fifteen years. I’d like to add more in time, but I think these still serve as a great introduction to working with animal teachers, and to some of the more spiritual components of working as a practical animist.

Working with Animal Teachers

About animal teachers – Introduction

Animal teacher visualisation

About shadow teachers – Introduction to some of the reasons you might fear, dislike or hate certain animals.

Shadow teacher visualisation

Communicating with animal teachers – Animal teacher communication issues and troubleshooting

Popularity contests – Why some animals are more popular than others.

Prey animal aspecting – Doing spiritual work with shapeshifting or aspecting with prey animals.

Practical and Functional Animism

Sacred Breath: Introduction

Movement meditation – How to meditate when you hate sitting still, or just want to try something different.

Grounding: Introduction

Journeying: Introduction

Shapeshifting: Introduction

Soul Retrieval: Introduction – Learn about how some practical animists view soul injury, what can cause it, and what can help heal it.

Possession: Introduction