European Penduline Tit - Flexibility in Relationships


Flexibility in relationships, the possibility of divorce or separation, abandoning major projects or spending time away from your children, needing a break from your projects or children, valuing fine craftsmanship (both your own and others), it's time to make a decision to stay or go, assessing your current situation, innovation, craftsmanship.

General Description:

The penduline tit (not technically a tit, despite the resemblance) is found throughout Eurasia and their population is currently on the increase. Those found in Europe will migrate West or South to Mediterranean countries in the Winter. Those that live in southern Europe remain as residents. They live in trees around in reedbeds, marshes, ponds and ditches. Their nests resemble Christmas stockings, hanging from tree branches. These sock or shoe-like structures were actually once used in central Europe as children's slippers. Interestingly, some mated individuals will, instead of choosing to remain with their partner, desert the nest based on unknown cost/benefits. The male is most likely to desert. Generally, both sexes try to desert the nest and breed again as soon as possible, leading to the occasional abandonment of eggs/nests (this occurs in approximately 27% of all cases), and the frequent raising of eggs/offspring by a single parent (usually the female).