A selection of articles.

These articles have been written over the years. Some need a bit more information, but overall, I feel the information here is still valid and possibly even helpful to others. :)

Working with Animal Energies

An introduction to animal energies and guides.

A basic visualisation exercise to meet an animal guide. Feel free to adapt however you wish.

Introduction to shadow guides and teachers. The animals we fear, dislike, hate or repulse us have a lot to teach us!

Basic shadow guide visualisation.

Why some animal guides and teachers are more popular than others.

Prey animal aspecting. Are you getting the most out of your spiritual work with 'prey' animals?

How to communicate with animal guides and teachers, and what to do if they go missing.

Spiritual Animism

An introduction to breathwork.

The basics of grounding.

Movement meditations. For people who just can't sit still.

How to journey. A basic introduction to some of the techniques used in journeying and attaining trance state.

An introduction to shapeshifting. Not literal shapeshifting though. Can't help with that sorry.

Soul transience and soul injury.

Possession - an introduction.