Russet Sparrow

Russet (Cinnamon) Sparrow - The Small, Sweet Sounds.


Keeping to yourself at certain times of the year, having a most charming and sweet, persuasive voice, blocking out the roar and listening to the small sounds, vigilance, distant, soothing sounds, colour symbolism: russet, stop overlooking the small, beautiful things in your life, finding worthiness in yourself even when others overlook you.

General Description:

The russet sparrow (also known as the cinnamon sparrow) is found throughout Asia, and generally inhabits woodland, towns, farmland and some urban areas. They are a solidly built bird, with a distinctive russet hue along their back and head. They eat seeds, fruits and insects, and feed primarily on the ground. They have an extremely musical, sweet voice; especially when compared with other sparrows. They considered both good and bad by farmers, as they can consume crops, but also eliminate crop insects. Will flock at certain times of year, but does not generally associate with other birds. The male locates a nest site, and uses it in courtship when wooing the female. The nests are sometimes parasitised by the common cuckoo.