Hi all!

Contact links are always at the bottom left of the page.

However you can also find me at:

Facebook: Ravenari’s Art

Etsy: Ravensdreaming (Where you can find all my original animal teacher artwork, as well as affordable colouring pages so you can colour in animal teachers that appeal to you).

Instagram: Ravenari (this is a catchall for all of my interests, and while I don’t often post about my spirituality here, I frequently post nature photos, artwork updates and tarot readings).

I can also be emailed at ophelias.diary at gmail dot com.

A note: If you’re writing to say you enjoy the website, that’s awesome. You can also email me with ideas for animal teachers to add, or a really cool way you got to meet an animal. I don’t generally reply to people simply asking me to explain their animal encounters to them.

I give you all the tools on this website to learn how to research and meet and explain those animal encounters yourself – especially on the Wildwork page. I don’t provide this kind of labour for free outside of this website (many practical animists appropriately charge for this sort of service), which is primarily done as a spiritual service to the animal teachers I have learned to speak for.