Frog – Health

Earth Frog illustrated by Ravenari


Environmentalism. Your unique voice. Letting people know how you are. Health. Illness and wellness. Looking after yourself, others and the land. Water magic. Working with emotions and dreams. Secrets and mysteries of the land. Night magic. Working with the spirits of the land.

General Description:

Frogs are amphibious carnivores. They have well developed back legs to aid them in jumping and swimming underwater. Frogs have characteristic calls during breeding season, and can be heard at almost any lake or swamp in the warmer months. In breeding season, female frogs release their eggs, and males fertilise them. The resulting spawn is often eaten by predators. However those eggs that hatch reveal tadpoles, the herbivorous aquatic young of the frog. Tadpoles evolve into frogs over time, growing limbs and losing their gills. They are sensitive to changes in our environment, and will die in polluted water. In Australia many frogs are dying from a fungal disease. Many frogs are endangered due to pollution, habitat destruction and predation by feral creatures. They are a beautiful reminder of the fragility of our environment.

Lessons and Challenges:

Sometimes it is important to let people know how we are. Now is one of those times. You are perhaps hiding the truth of your health to yourself and others, are you sick, are you run down or depressed, have you been unusually tired lately? Inform the people who are important to you about this, do so honestly and openly. When you acknowledge that you are not feeling so great, other people are able to help you on your path to wellness.

Frog teaches us about the concept of illness and wellness. Our body is in a constant state of flux, it changes and shifts between being healthy, and being unhealthy. Our state of health is a response to our environment, our own thoughts and our genetics, and while we may have no control over our genetics, we can certainly change and improve our environment and our own spiritual attitudes. Frog energy pro-actively seeks solutions to imbalance and ill-health. Frog’s literal demise in our environment around us a reminder that we must protect and look after not only our own health, but the health of others and our environment.

Frog energy teaches us about the value of environmentalism. Even small changes in how we live can have a positive impact on our environment to create more sustainable world for the life around us, and the next generations. Frog reminds us that we don’t need to dramatically change our lifestyle to create big changes around us. Consider recycling, healthy water usage and investing some time into cleaning up your local parks. Consider donating to charities that support the environment. There are many different ways you can start to make a difference.

We each have a unique voice and a unique way of expressing ourselves. Even if we are not remotely ‘creative,’ we still create in how we dress ourselves, how we talk to others and the way we live our lives. Frog shows us that we are able to make a strong connection with this unique voice and be proud of it.

Frog is a mysterious creature, it occupies the dark places and is most commonly active at night. As such, frog energy is a great energy for working ritual or magic at night. Frog energy also teaches us about the secrets and mysteries of the land. If you spend time in meditation with frog and its spirit, frog may over time choose to let you know of the magic and spirits in the land around you. Frog teaches us about the magic in water, and water magic. Water is healing – are you drinking enough? Have you ever thought about imagining negative energy being washed away from you while you shower? Have you ever thought about just sitting in the water and singing, like frog sometimes does? Water teaches us how to flow from place to place and how to navigate obstacles, symbolically it has been associated with our deeper subconscious, dreams and emotional states. Frog can be a great animal to contact when we are trying to better understand ourselves.

When frog hops into your life, it indicates that it is a great time to work with your emotions and your dreams. Do you keep a dream journal? Do you remember your dreams? Do you even know what you feel emotionally most of the time? Frog asks us not to repress this aspect of ourselves, but to strengthen and validate it. It has its own source of magic for us, and if we look within, we will find our way to health and wellness.

The land around us is inhabited by spirits. Some want to know us, some want nothing to do with us, and together they give the land around us its sacred energy. Frog energy teaches us the importance of learning how to work with the spirits of the land around us. Are you aware of any native peoples who have worshipped the land you now live on? Have you ever attempted to give back to the land that you share your life with? Creating an honest, deliberate relationship with the land, even if it is just an awareness of a connection, can be a very profound and respectful act. Try it some time, frog energy will help you.

The Shadow Aspects:

Those who fear or dislike frog fail to give their own health and wellbeing enough time and consequence. They may believe they are fine as they are, and that being tired or exhausted is normal, or they may even dislike their own need to spend time on themselves. No matter what the reason, frog hops into your life to remind you to care for yourself and your health. Your own personal environment must be cared for, without it, you wouldn’t be here.

Frog as a shadow aspect can also confront those who fear the secrets and mysteries of the land and of the spirit. Some people are eager to confront and learn secrets, while others are scared of knowledges that have been hidden for a long time. Sometimes this is wise, after all, secrets and hidden knowledge can be dangerous in the hands of the wrong person. Frog asks us to question whether we feel worthy enough to know or learn of secrets and mysteries. Frog also asks us to question whether we are projecting our own expectations onto such secrets. We must overcome such fears in order to grow spiritually at this time.


Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. Frog energy can be quiet and secretive, but it is also one of the more common animal teachers because frog has so much to give to us and teach to us. Night time is the best time to contact frog energy, and many frog spirits respond to drumming, or to chanting. Frog energy may not talk to you in your own language, and may be quite ‘quiet,’ almost like a guide who is in the background, but if you choose to voluntarily connect with this creature, you will find that its wisdom is boundless and its generosity and sense of sacrifice is very humbling.