Hellbender Salamander

Hellbender Salamander – Self Acceptance

Hellbender Salamander illustrated by Ravenari


Protection, land-swimmer, fire, elemental metamorphosis, sensitivity, dark waters of the soul, elemental magic, watch out for toxic situations, beware bringing toxic attitudes to others, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, struggling to be accepted, self-acceptance, being used as a scapegoat, others may not understand the path you’re on, misunderstandings, an affinity with the underworlds, the occult.

General Description:

The hellbender salamander is a large, carnivorous, aquatic amphibian (and the third largest salamander in the world) with a somewhat negative reputation, found in North America. They have been erroneously blamed for bad luck in fishing, and given names like ‘devil dog’, ‘snot otter’ and ‘Allegheny alligator.’ They are also, rather unfortunately, considered one of the ugliest of all the salamanders.

Hellbender males and females are the same size and colour, as both share energy in raising the young. The male actually guards the young, and cannibalism of eggs and offspring (and younger salamanders, and each other) is not uncommon. Hellbenders are mostly nocturnal, and prefer to live in rocky streams with fast-flowing waters. They guard their sleeping and resting places, and if not predated upon, can live for up to thirty years.