Olm – Sparsity

Olm illustrated by Ravenari


Sparsity, being able to survive on very little nourishment of all kinds (emotional, physical and others), starvation, retaining childlike characteristics, responding well to vibrational and sound therapies, having a connection to invisible energies (electricity, for example), having a magnetic personality, being attracted to magnetising people and beings, a need for energy conservation, preferring to socialise with those like you, a connection to dragon energy, misfortune, introspection and self-insight.

General Description:

The olm (proteus) is a carnivore found in the Dinaric alps of southern Europe, they are blind amphibians, living in subterranean waters and is neotenic, retaining larval characteristics throughout adulthood. The olm has underdeveloped eyes, since it doesn’t need sight in perpetual underground darkness, with an overdeveloped sense of smell and hearing (which includes an ability to sense vibrations, electrical and magnetic fields).

Olm lack pigmentation (with the exception of the very rare black subspecies), and have been called the human fish, because their body colour represents Caucasian human skin. The olm takes 14 years to reach sexual maturity, and are gregarious, tending to group with one another. Males only display to one another, rather than fighting, and all olm activity seeks to conserve energy because of the scarcity of food. Olm can survive for up to ten years without food, absorbing its own tissue to survive.