Golden Silk Orb Weaver

Golden Silk Orb Weaver – Weaving the Web

Golden Orb Weaver illustrated by Ravenari


Weaving the web, creating things of great beauty, craft, creating a personal signature, spinning gold, the story of Rumpelstiltskin, renewing yourself and your energies, remaking something, letting your own creativity nourish you instead of others, making things for yourself, letting yourself come first, making your creations work for you, femininity, goddess wisdom.

General Description:

Golden silk orb weavers are a group of spiders noted for their beautiful webs and the zig-zag patterns they sometimes place in their centres. They also known as writing spiders, banana spiders, giant wood spiders and golden orb weavers. They are found in warm regions of the world. Golden silk orb weavers are strikingly coloured, but their name actually refers to the golden colour of their webs.

Orb weavers must create their orb webs on a regular basis, because the stickiness (and therefore effectiveness at catching prey) of the webs reduces with time. Golden silk orb weavers are able to make many adaptations to their webs, including hides of leaves to help them during danger, barriers of leaves to prevent birds flying into their webs, dismantling sections of web themselves to prevent the wind from destroying it. They also use their web as a communication tool, for vibrational purposes, and young spiders will – when in danger – manipulate a web so that it’s bouncing assists it jumping to safety.