Northern Pike

Northern Pike – Holy Truths

Northern Pike illustrated by Ravenari


Unexpected virtue, generosity, holy truths, union with the divine, preferring simplicity over the complex, finding ‘higher thought’ pointless, living a rich life, sometimes being too assertive or overwhelming when sharing thoughts with others, learning to accept that others find their own truths in their own time, you cannot make someone believe what you do.

General Description:

The northern pike (also known as the jackfish) are carnivorous, often drably coloured fish found around environments of brackish and fresh waters throughout the northern hemisphere. They have exceptional sight, being able to see prey up to fifty metres away, and are not fussy with what they eat (with the exception of sticklebacks).

Northern pike are very aggressive hunters which can put them at odds with gamekeepers and those who wish to protect wild salmon stocks. Their hunting methods involve ambush behaviour and mobbing and possible ‘wolfpack’ behaviours. In fishing, they are considered a bony fish, but exciting to catch due to their habit of aerobatically leaping and twisting when caught. They are one of the larger freshwater fish.