Starfish – You’re a Star

Starfish illustrated by Ravenari


You’re a star, star qualities, starring in your own life story, a capacity for immense regeneration, resenting being categorised or incorrectly pigeonholed, using crisis as a platform for growth, the will to survive, resisting death, pursuing concepts of immortality, what it really means to live forever.

General Description:

Starfish, which are not actually fish and are probably better known as sea stars, are approximately 1800 species of echinoderms found throughout the world’s oceans at all depths. Though starfish are most commonly known for their five appendaged ‘star-like’ appearance, they actually have different forms and appearances.

They are opportunistic feeders, eating any animal that cannot evade them (such as snails, clams and mussels). Some, like the deadly crown-of-thorns starfish, consume coral polyps and present a great threat to reefs. Starfish can reproduce sexually and asexually, with some starfish able to reproduce entirely from an appendage that has been cut off, or severed.