Australian Raven

Australian Raven – Problem Solving

Australian Raven illustrated by Ravenari


Complexity. Trickery. Difficulty understanding past or current problems. Over-intellectualising matters. Great intelligence. Ideas. Creating new possibilities. Spiritual work. Problem solving. Creativity. Play. Interaction at all levels. Adapting and learning. Teaching others. Group gatherings.

General Description:

The Australian raven is common in Western and Eastern Australia. It is the largest member of the crow family in Australia. They are entirely black, with strong black beaks and feet. They have white eyes. Australian ravens have shaggy neck feathers which are longer than that of other ravens, which they can fluff out during breeding or when calling. When calling their hold their body in a characteristic horizontal position.

Australian ravens are omnivorous and consume insects, carrion, and will open parcels of rubbish and food. They construct large nests almost always above 10 metres off the ground, the male provides food for the female while she incubates the eggs. Ravens are monogamous and pair for life, usually settling down in a permanent territory at around three years of age. Ravens are highly intelligent and resourceful birds.

Lessons and Challenges:

Raven is an extraordinarily common and complex animal guide figure in both contemporary and ancient mythologies. Attempting to cover all of its lessons, even those that are accepted as common or ‘mainstream’ is impossible. So in addition to this file I would certainly recommend you do your own research if raven has come into your life.

It follows from the disclaimer that raven represents themes of complexity. When raven has come into your life, there is a situation, or situations going on that are confusing you on many different levels. You may be quite smart or adept at thinking things through, but at this specific time it is likely that you are over-thinking or over-intellectualising matters and for that reason, a situation seems far more complex than it actually is.

The benefit of experiencing complexity, is that many layers of meaning can be revealed from a circumstance or situation over time, as you keep exploring it. While there may be confusion at this time, raven represents that problem-solving may be around the corner; though it might not come in a form that you want or recognise.

The presence of raven can represent some level of trickery. Things are not what they seem, and even looking deeper into a situation may mislead you. You may be possessed by great insight at this time, but then waylaid by making assumptions or even by being distracted from your goal. The positive, is that raven’s trickery tends to benefit you regardless of how you may feel while raven is in your life. The trickery of raven, particularly within Australian Indigenous cosmologies, tended to benefit the people and creatures whom raven was tricking. It’s not always a pleasant ride, but it does tend to have very helpful and healing results.

There may be difficulty understanding past or current problems at this time. That doesn’t mean that you should abandon thinking about them, only that understanding or revelation may not come as quickly as you wish. Raven’s consolation is that revelation will come, if you persist with your ruminations and thought-processes. Just remember that some of your conclusions may be wrong.

Raven as a guide energy helps you to use great intelligence in all areas of your life. Creative solutions, new possibilities and ideas abound. It is a fantastic time for brain-storming, looking at past problems for new solutions, and looking at future goals and constructing multiple ways to reach them. Raven isn’t about one answer, it is about many.

Problem-solving in all its aspects are taught by raven. The ability to problem-solve effectively is considered one of the most advanced forms of thought that the more creative and intelligent of creatures possess; cetaceans, corvids, and humans among others. The ability to find solutions when none present themselves obviously requires lateral thinking, creativity and a willingness to be innovative and pioneering. Raven as a guide teaches and fosters this ability, its presence in a reading or dream suggests that the ability to problem-solve is strong in you at this time. It also includes the ability to problem-solve on the behalf of others.

Raven suggests that at this time there will be beneficial interaction at all levels; not just with people, but also with animals, other entities (such as gods, or spirits) and even plants, rocks and crystals. Take the time to pay attention not just to your positive human relationships, but all your relationships.

It can help to foster a sense of play and light-heartedness at this time. Also consider having group gatherings; drinks with friends, a games night or movie night, time out at a park or even physically playing with a couple of friends or pets. Play helps to keep the mind inspired and creative, it can exercise the body, and it can relieve stress. Raven prods you to maintain a playfulness of spirit, it can be one of the hardest lessons to learn in today’s fast-paced society, but it is a relevant lesson nonetheless.

Spiritual work is indicated with the presence of raven energy; particularly work within areas of the occult and/or paganism. Mystery traditions of all kinds are valuable paths to explore if raven is in your life at this time, and especially if raven is a regular guide / visitor.

The raven is about adapting, learning, and passing on those adaptations and learnings to others. Raven points out that you have a lot that is of value to teach others, though it may be in niche subjects. Emphasis is on teaching others casually, through the willingness to impart personal knowledge and facilitate the adaptation and growth of others. It’s not about price or material gain, but the community and group growth that can occur through the sharing of knowledge and the willingness to learn it from someone else.

The Shadow Aspects:

The shadow energy of raven often appears when people are having particular difficulty tackling a multitude of problems. They might not be creative at problem solving, they may not be able to think laterally, or they may not be simply thinking enough about the issues at hand. Raven tells you that you have the ability to tackle your problems if you stop hiding behind excuses like ‘I’m not creative enough,’ or ‘I can’t do it,’ or ‘no one could figure this out.’ Raven says stop angsting over a situation, and just solve it. If you dedicate yourself to a cause, follow it through and stop making excuses for yourself and your situation.

Raven challenges us to commit to relationships. If the shadow energy of raven has reached into your life, you might like to ask yourself if you’re giving enough commitment to the people and causes in your life. Chances are you’re putting in an inconsistent or half-cocked effort. Take the time and the energy to give more to the people and projects you care about, only then will you find the rewards you’re seeking.


Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. Raven tends to be a gregarious and relatively approachable guide, which isn’t surprising considering how common raven is as an animal guide and energyguide globally. Raven can be talkative, communicative in general (i.e. through body language and even writing), and there seems to be some agreement amongst peers that raven is ready to laugh amongst those s/he visits.

Raven can be an extremely helpful animal guide, in many different problems and for many different things. Despite raven’s more serious and sinister side (including associations with death), I would recommend that raven is an approachable guide for anyone who was interested. Offerings can include foodstuffs (though I don’t encourage the feeding of wild birds), shiny objects, effigies and images of raven, or simply time and intent given to the worship or meditation upon the raven itself. Raven can be a transitory or long-term animal guide, and will tend to be more regularly present if you actually encourage it through meditation and offerings.