Barn Owl

Barn Owl – First Impressions

Barn Owl illustrated by Ravenari


Being prone to judging others based off first impressions, first impressions, occasional inflexibility, adapting to things in unexpected ways, being made into a villain by others, sometimes having to be the ‘bad guy,’ a possible connection to Ares, a close relationship to mice and rodent energies, an exceptional ability to hear the truth in all worlds.

General Description:

The barn owl is a common species of owl found worldwide (excluding polar and desert regions), giving rise to the name ‘common barn owl.’ It has had many other common names over the years, with too many to list, but some of the more interesting ones have been Death Owl, Hobgoblin and Demon Owl.

Like many owls in the Tyto family, it does not hoot, but can release a shrill, loud, scream. They are nocturnal, with some crepuscular habits, and hunt by flying close to the ground, using its exceptional hearing (rather than sight) to locate hidden prey. Despite having a potential to live around 20 years, most barn owls die at the age of four, with a significant amount dying before they reach a breeding age.