Black Winged Lory

Black Winged Lory – It’s Okay to be Sensitive

Black Winged Lory illustrated by Ravenari


Looking after the spaces that keep you safe, an affiliation with coconut energy, forest and coast wisdom, using smell (i.e. perfumes and colognes) to communicate with others, being easily frightened, possessing a sweet tooth, valuing sweet foods, the power of sugar, the power of small groups, being very prone to stress, colour therapy, following opportunity instead of waiting for it to come to you, it’s okay to be very sensitive.

General Description:

The black-winged lory, also known as the Biak red lory and blue-cheeked lory is a medium-sized parrot (30 cm in length) endemic to Indonesia, where it is found in forest and coastal habitats. Both sexes look quite similar. It is often found in coconut palms, where they also often roost. Males are territorial, and they prefer to live in pairs, though will sometimes cohabitate in small flocks.

They primarily feed on berries and will take nectar when available. They are able to raise their rear head feathers as a rudimentary crest when excited, though this is not under their control. They have a strong, musky odour, that isn’t necessarily unpleasant to the human nose. They are extremely hard to breed in captivity, making them difficult to sustain in aviculture. They are easily disturbed by humans, and quite easily spooked. They are considered Vulnerable by the IUCN.