Blue Jay

Blue Jay – Calling Others Out

Blue Jay illustrated by Ravenari


Wit, wordiness, verbosity, calling others out, letting others know when danger is nearby, ‘I’ll learn that later,’ intelligence and adaptability, using a lot of words to say a little, relationship to the occult, beware that assertion doesn’t become aggression, curiosity, learning how to communicate your truth.

General Description:

The blue jay is known for its distinctive blue plumage, intelligence, aggressive nature, and adaptability. They are found in North America, and belong to the corvid family, with cousins like the raven and the crow. Blue jays are monogamous. Blue jays are possessive over food, and will not share their food; they also cache their food in the ground for later.

They are communicative, even noisy, using a wide variety of vocalisations to protect their territory and transmit their intentions to other birds and species. They are adept at mimicry, copying humans and even hawks so accurately it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between a hawk, and a blue jay’s imitation of a hawk.