Cinnamon Sparrow

Cinnamon (Russet) Sparrow – Being High-Minded

Cinnamon Sparrow illustrated by Ravenari


Possessing a sweet voice, having a compelling song, easing others when you speak, being high-minded, occupying the upper chakras, being able to be grounded while having your head in the clouds, soaring past obstacles, enjoying the company of others, doing well in urban environments, enjoying the local night-life, adaptation, mountain and sky magic, not acting rashly, assessing your situation before you act.

General Description:

The cinnamon sparrow (russet sparrow, cinnamon tree sparrow) is a songbird and member of the sparrow family that is found in eastern Asia and the Himalayas. They are solid birds with a thick bill. Multiple subspecies have been described, though there is no formal consensus over which are officially recognised. They are usually found in woodland, but can also be found in urban and agricultural environments. It adapts to urban environments well. They occasionally migrate, depending on their range. They are thought to have the most musical and sweet song of any species of sparrow, stringing together chirps to create their music. They have a wide variety of chirp sounds to put together in songs.

They consume seeds, herbs, grains, berries and insects, which can make it a pest in some agricultural areas. It feeds on the ground, and perches on open, exposed branches. Outside of breeding season, they are gregarious and form flocks, and will join the flocks of other species. They breed in varying areas, such as high altitudes or by the sea. Males will choose a nest site and then use this as the site for courtship display, both assist in feeding and incubation. They will sometimes nest in the disused nests of other birds. Wherever possible, they prefer to breed in high latitudes. They tend to be shy and wary, but within reason, as they can tolerate humans in certain areas. In the Winter, they are more social at night. The common cuckoo parasitises the nests of cinnamon sparrows.