Common Raven

Common Raven – Flying Beyond The Story

Common Raven illustrated by Ravenari

‘I see, I see, you’ve come to me, have you? I’m something of a classic, after all. Did you find me in the literature or in film? Did you hear folklore or superstition? Did you see me in the woods or hear me when you woke? Did your mother whisper of dark folklore? Or did your friend tell you of my magic? Because I’m sure you did hear of me. It seems like everyone has, at least once.

But it’s time to go beyond the stories. The story of myself, the story of yourself, let’s fly beyond them. You can turn to almost any culture where I have lived, and there will be a story. You can view nearly any point in your life and people may have a story about that too. But aren’t you more? And aren’t you ready to learn of your own inner alchemy and how that sparks magic in the world around you?

We shall go deep into magic, but you’ll need to trust yourself more than you trust me, and I suspect that you may have good intentions but shy away at the last moment. No? We’ll see. I’ve held court with many, but few stay. I’m remembered fondly by those who get to know me. Mostly. It doesn’t concern me. I have my own magic to make beyond the stories. My own love and family and culture to maintain. I am not just your object of mysticism, but a bird of vivid life. Know me. Dare to know yourself.’


Great intelligence. Ideas. Creating new possibilities. Spiritual work. Spiritual heft and insight. Problem solving. Creativity. Being wary of new ventures. Adapting and learning. Teaching others. Culture and technology. Communication and language. Group gatherings. Respect your emotional processes. Psychopomp. Mediator between life and death. The otherworldly bird. Folklore, mythology, superstition and story. Spirituality and connections to other realms. Good news and bad news. Good deeds and bad deeds. False dichotomies. Nothing is what it seems. Immanent and transcendent magic. Mundane and everyday magic. You are more than the surface of you. Go beyond the story of yourself.