Crow – Speaking All Truths

Three Crows illustrated by Ravenari


Speaking all truths, speaking your own truth, a connection to the throat chakra, magic, spiritual and ethical laws, divine law, being an advocate of justice, living in close contact with the shadow, messenger, mastery of illusion, speaking truth through story and metaphor, lying is its own punishment, there are serious consequences for boasting and exaggeration, do not be afraid to confront your true self.

General Description:

There is not a great difference between crows and ravens (especially when one considers that it is accurate to call a raven a crow, and not accurate to call a crow a raven), however it is generally agreed that crows are the smaller of the two, ravens tend to have pointier throat hackles, and the base colour of their down tends to be different. Generally though, crows and ravens share the same omnivorous habits, intelligence and adaptability.