Ground Parrot

Ground Parrot – Open and Closed

Green parrot illustrated by Ravenari


Tunnels and portals, moving from one world into another world, creating pathways through liminal places, elusive wisdom, shyness, hiding your knowledge from others, the wisdom of grasslands and heaths, finding the details in open areas, knowing how to take a big idea and reduce it down to its smallest details, appearing inaccessible, being both ‘open’ and ‘closed.’

General Description:

The ground parrot is a distinctive, shy and elusive parrot endemic to Australia, with barred and mottled green plumage. They are found mostly in heath and sedgeland. They tend to stay in their own chosen territory, but will move away during fires. They live and nest – like their name suggests – on the ground, and when disturbed, prefer to run away, though they can fly for short distances; more sustained flights tend to be erratic in nature. They are crepuscular, calling at dawn and dusk. Their nests are well-hidden in grassland, and ground parrots will often create tunnels of grass on the ground to get to them. The Western Ground Parrot subspecies is the most endangered endemic parrot in Western Australia.