Harpy Eagle

Harpy Eagle – Debate

Harpy Eagle illustrated by Ravenari


Defending your right to your own opinions, mental strength, crushing wit and intellect, learning not to destroy or damage those close to you, being unaware of your mental strength, A connection to harpy energy, debating and debates, enjoying word exchanges, a connection to Mayan mythologies, and the kapok tree.

General Description:

The harpy eagle is a carnivorous raptor that mostly feeds on arboreal mammals, such as monkeys, coati, sloth and so on. They are found usually in areas of rainforest, in the Americas, where it is the largest raptor. They are dependent on emergent tree canopies for the hunting of their food; which provide semi-open areas in which to hunt and find food, and are not too dense to be a deterrent.

They have extremely powerful talons, and use their crushing grip to help subdue prey. Harpy eagles will defend their nest through attack, unlike some other raptors, who will abandon their nest when under attack. They are threatened by habitat destruction and hunting, though many efforts are being made to support their numbers or re-introduce their presence into habitats where they’ve disappeared.