Little Falcon

Little Falcon – Changing Direction with Ease

Little Falcon illustrated by Ravenari


Swiftness and agility, mental acuity, showing skill in unusual areas, deductive reasoning, possession of reliable instincts, the ability to change direction with ease, adept at taking on large projects and big responsibilities, taking on other people’s projects, or overwhelming others with your presence, possessing a bold nature and great confidence.

General Description:

The little falcon (previously known as the Australian hobby) is a small bird of prey found throughout Australia. It resembles – and is frequently mistaken for – the peregrine falcon, but it is smaller. It is a bold, fierce hunters that will sometimes prey on birds that are nearly their size. It will also eat bats, mammals and insects.

They stoop to catch their prey (dive), but will also flush prey and pursue it. The little falcon will takes over the nests of other times during breeding season. They live in woodland, but are adaptable and are sometimes seen in urban areas (in our previous house, there used to be one that regularly ate its kills on a streetlight by our park).