Masked Lapwing

Masked Lapwing – Perfect Imperfection

Masked Lapwing illustrated by Ravenari


Protecting what you care for to the point of even putting yourself in danger, boldness, sometimes making unwise decisions, defending your right to make mistakes, it’s okay to make mistakes, connection to the Winter Solstice, imperfection, perfect imperfection, in the spirit of trying, irritability, wetland wisdom, caring for others intensely.

General Description:

Masked lapwings are generally found in Australia (and also New Guinea, New Caledonia and New Zealand), and found to varying degrees through wetlands, marshes, mudflats, beaches, grasslands and shallow waterways. Lapwings tend to eat alone or in small groups, and are insectivores. They tend to take food just below and just above the surface. They nest on the ground, and so need to remain constantly alert. Lapwings will aggressively defend their nest, and once chicks are hatched, will even fake having a broken wing to lead predators away from the nest. Masked lapwings protect their nests with such aggression, that they have been known to injure their wings while attacking intruders.