Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal – Repeating Sacred Messages

Northern Cardinal illustrated by Ravenari


Courtship and partnership, creating close ties with someone, arguing and disagreements, staking out your territory, repeating what was said to you (including sacred, spiritual messages), connection to the root chakra and survival, finding it difficult to distance yourself from the way things were done, learning, memory, taking advantage of others without their knowledge, being able to get what you want, a great locus of personal power and confidence.

General Description:

The northern cardinal (sometimes called the red cardinal or redbird) is a songbird found throughout North America, the male is brightly coloured, the female drabber. The northern cardinal uses its song primarily to define its territory; because its songs are learnt, they are different from place to place. They feed on grains, fruits, blossoms, elm bark, insects and will take advantage of holes dug by sapsuckers; in order to eat maple sap.