Peacock Pheasant

Peacock Pheasant – Mistrust

Palawan Peacock Pheasant illustrated by Ravenari


Living with oppression, failing in the prime of your life, the spirit of performance, sacred rituals, knowing how to strut your stuff, forest wisdom, elusive wisdom, what you seek is hard to find, looking beneath the surface, do not accept things at face value, appropriate caution and wariness, mistrust.

General Description:

There are seven species of peacock pheasant, and all are stunningly beautiful; most of the males having iridescent eyes, or ocelli on their wings and tail. The males clear ‘stages’ for themselves in the forst, and then use these ocelli in brilliant displays, for courtship purposes.

Some form lasting pair-bonds, and some do not. The males in many of the species notably tend to die off in the prime of their life. Peacock pheasants are actually cultivated as pets in some regions, and some species become remarkably tame. Most species are Vulnerable or Endangered due to habitat destruction.