Princess Parrot

Princess Parrot – Unexpected Grace

Princess Parrot illustrated by Ravenari

Keywords/Guide Meanings:

Travel as a way of life, nomadic habits, being elusive or cryptic, unexpected grace and charm, telling others where to go, getting people to back off, ganging up, using a group to make a point, interventions, mundane communication, friendship, colour therapy, joyful expression, everyday beauty, reaching new goals with ease

General Description:

The princess parrot of Australia is a subtly coloured parrot with delicate hues of rose, pink, lilac , blue and greens. The princess parrot engages in mobbing behaviour against predators, not commonly seen in other parrots. They are found in arid regions of Spinifex deserts, hills and scrubland. Princess parrots are nomadic and will fly to wherever there is food. They prefer to nest in eucalyptus around watering areas. Its numbers are currently in a state of decline, despite being popular as a kept bird because of its personality and appearance.