Red Crested Pochard

Red Crested Pochard – Exchange

Red Crested Pochard illustrated by Ravenari


Watch out for others trying to fob their projects or important matters onto you, exchange, the power of liminal water environments – the edges of lakes and oceans, going beneath the surface to get a better look, the value of questioning commonly held thoughts, look deeper, presents and gifts from others, people offering you things of value in exchange for your work and effort, watch your inter-relationships with others at this time, the politics of socialising, being able to move easily among large groups of people.

General Description:

The red-crested pochard is a large diving duck found in southern Europe, Asia, India and Africa. They are migratory. They feed predominately by diving or dabbling, and consume aquatic vegetation; roots, twigs and leaves. They will also take molluscs, amphibians and fish. They tend to nest along lakesides, in dense vegetation. They can occupy fresh or brackish water, and more rarely estuaries, deltas and coastal habitats. They are diurnal, but most active during the early morning and evening. They form large flocks in Winter, usually with other species of duck. Occasionally red-crested pochard nests are parasitised, when other ducks of their species or other species will lay their eggs and have them incubated and raised by another pochard. Unusually for ducks, males will dive for food and bring it to the female during the breeding season. They can be threatened by habitat destruction or degradation, hunting, poisoning and drowning in fishing nets.