Red Grouse

Red Grouse – Secrets of the Moors

illustration of Red Grouse by Ravenari

‘I hold the secret of the moors and heather in my red-brown feathers. I have a strong mind, a strong will, but if I wish it, you’ll never see me. What a strange relationship with humans I have. Hunted and roasted, but medicated too, with humans offering a grit for me to eat to make me healthy once more. I teach of what it is to have widely varying relationships, even with the same people.

‘Harm and health sometimes come in the same package. Beyond this, I teach what I have always taught: the secrets of the moors, the whisperings of the plants that don’t grow as grandly as a beech or ash, but stay close to the silent wisdom of the earth. I am fierce and passionate, I fight for what I believe in and I don’t always compromise, because I know what’s best for me. If you need a stronger voice, but the ability to stay calm and grounded, look to me. If you seek the wisdom of the moors, I will share it with you, if you show me patience and respect.’