Sooty Albatross

Sooty Albatross – the Language of Currents

Sooty Albatross illustrated by Ravenari

Keywords/Guide Meanings:

Wind wisdom, weather forecasting, ocean wisdom, the language of currents, wandering and independence, monogamy and loyalty, freedom to break through all externally imposed limitations, taking your time to bring things to fruition, escorting lost souls home.

General Description:

The sooty albatross ranges from South America to Australia, and nests on islands in the Southern Atlantic and Indian oceans. Like all albatross, they are monogamous and pair for life, re-establishing their bonds with complex displays that involve a series of movements and body postures. They are usually silent, but will sometimes scream ‘pee-pooo’ in display. They make smaller nesting colonies than other species of albatross. They eat squid, offal, crustaceans and fish, and take food on the wing by grabbing it from near the surface with their beak, or landing on it. They are listed as Endangered, and are threatened by predation by rats and domestic cats, disease, pollution and long-line fishing.