Steller’s Jay

Steller’s Jay – The Great Outdoors

Steller's Jay illustrated by Ravenari


Needing the great outdoors, ‘the great outdoors’, open spaces are healing places, needing forested places to retreat to, verbosity, curiosity, communicating your truth, using a lot of words to say a little, saving energy for later, using other’s frameworks to find nourishment, being dedicated about creating reserves in case of an emergency, creating strong pair-bonds with others.


The Steller’s jay is found in western North America and requires open space, and so is found in coniferous or mixed woodland that isn’t overly dense. Steller’s jays do well in urban environments provided there are pockets of forest nearby. Steller’s jays are omnivores, and primarily consume plant matter, they will also cache nuts and seeds for later, possessing a great memory in order to locate their caches. Steller’s jays are very noisy, proliferate communicators, and will imitate other avian predators to clear birds from feeding grounds. Steller’s jays will flock outside of nesting season, and have been known to fly in single file. Like many jays, they are thought to be monogamous and are not particularly shy, and possess a great deal of natural curiosity and intelligence.